About ''Magnesiumbrothers''

‘’Since 1978’’
A family from the sports world where magnesium was very normal to lubricate before, during and after training because it helps.
Two brothers, one of whom was a top kidboxer and the other was in the toughest part of defense, magnesium was always a relief for both mentally and physically.
‘’ Healing + balance = more life energy’’
That is why we take the natural magnesium products seriously, so we were able to perform time and time again.
‘’We believe in world health care’’
Magnesium brothers is committed to making healthy products by hand that do not harm the environment, health and your biome.
‘’The key mineral to organic skin absorption’’
Our products are only tested on willing people, so we are responsible for making purchases only from suppliers who follow the same ingredients. We use only pure essential oils of therapeutic quality and are extremely proud of our ingredient lists.
''Magnesium solutions''

We are there for you, are you also for magnesium? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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