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The magnesium oil orginal

Magnesium salts have a high energy value and contain many minerals that are important for the formation of bones, teeth and for normal muscle function, flexible joints and the prevention of cramps and nerve impulses.
Most people have no idea that they are magnesium deficient. But many do have an idea that they have sore, tired or restless muscles, especially legs!
Unfortunately, many of our natural sources of magnesium are gone, and our lifestyle is further depleting it. Sugar, caffeine, alcohol, stress, and sleeplessness are bad habits that use up our magnesium.
Now, If you have been on the hunt for a natural way to relieve stress, replenish energy and sleep better, look no further. Our most iconic product – The orginal magnesium oil spray – was specifically designed to safely restore magnesium levels in your body, lower stress and inflammation, relieve sore muscles and joints and – last but not least – facilitate restful sleep.

Do you experience these sympyoms?

  • Poor sleep
  • Stress
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Low mood and poor concentration
  • Poor recovery
  • Restless legs
  • Muscle cramps

find out what magnesium can do when absorbed through the skin. it has the power to bring back the ideal ratio at the cellular level. and a good balance at a cellular level is the key to health.


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The magnesium oil orginal


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